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<> is not for the faint of heart, it is for those into alternative sexuality.  

Alternative dating personals. Join the most popular BDSM dating personals community online and explore your kinky side and get nasty, meet singles, adult swingers, look for men and women or married couples, meet gays and lesbians, and share all your fetishes with new playmates.

ALT provides the best alternative dating personals service, with millions of BDSM profiles to find your match from, chat rooms for every interest and topic, webcams, e-mail, mobile messages, adult dating forums and more.

Alt caters towards true connoisseurs of fetish encounters, people with some experience experimenting in BDSM (bondage, domination, sadomasochism). If youíre just sort of goofing around, then donít be surprised if someone calls you on it, these people seem to mean business and take their special interests seriously. 

The only limit here is the imagination of the siteís members and regardless of gender or orientation; itís a non-discriminating adventure into the stranger side of sex. Without paying for a membership, your access is limited but you should still be able to get a glimpse at what youíre in for before deciding whether this oneís for you. has plenty of profiles to check out and the basic search engine still letís you narrow down the results to the specific kind of thing youíre into finding. Being able to return tailored results is very important on this kind of alternative site, since most people, no matter how open-minded wonít appreciate everything it has to offer just as a matter of personal taste.

If you choose to go for the Gold level rather than Silver besides beating everyone out on speediness of service and superior position in profile lists, you also matches sent to you by e-mail and an exclusive search option using keywords to guarantee the narrowest, precise field of search results.

Visit if you feel youíre really ready for something different from the ordinary dating or even sex personals sites Join Free

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Quick contact is paramount on and you have several options including chats and instant messaging, which anyone can use. For the voyeurs and exhibitionists in life, the chat rooms allow members to broadcast their

webcams live to the entire group. There are message boards where groups can post stories and try to organize alternative get-togethers. Subscriber-submitted articles are posted in the online magazine. Rounding out the information and daily tales of living life alternatively are the newly-created blogs section.

Premium members gain access to all member descriptions, pictures, subscriber videos, faster support and they will appear at the top of any search results.